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Road with Cypress and Star

a recreation

cotton threads on muslin

A recreation of Van Gogh’s 1890 oil-on-canvas painting ‘Road with Cypress and Star’.  While learning about basic embroidery stitches, I noticed how they were similar to Van Gogh's strokes which later led to a thorough study of the impressionist painter's creations. Basic stitches like running, long and short and satin were used to resemble the strokes. 

Having always looked up to Van Gogh’s work, this is an ode to Vincent Van Gogh and the artist he was!


 Van Gogh’s ‘Road with Cypress and Star’.


Portrait of a lady

cotton threads on organza

‘Portrait of a lady’ takes inspiration from old English literature. Headgears and Victorian gowns
were highlighted and portrayed extensively in stories of the old world.
This is an attempt to create the same imagery and bring back the same charm.

Satin and running stitch and bullion knots were used to create and highlight different elements of the composition.


Wild Mushrooms

cotton threads on tea-dyed cotton fabric

‘Wild mushrooms’ is inspired from the wild vegetation of mushrooms. Mushrooms are
embroidered on a hand stitched, tea-dyed cotton pouch with a jute drawstring.

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