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Kumo Shibori on silk  (double dyed using madder & indigo)

Kumo Shibori on silk  (double dyed using madder & indigo)

Pre-mordanted Muslin and cotton blend fabrics tied, stitched and clamped to achieve the desired patterns. Natural indigo powder was used to dye the swatches and a variation in shades was achieved by dipping the swatches in the dye bath multiple times.


Shibori techniques, Hira-Nui, Itajime and Kumo Shibori were used to create a plethora of designs

an attempt at  Hira-nui Shibori
(straight running stitches made along the width of
the fabric)

a pattern created using accordian folds on muslin

a single running stitch made along the length of the fabric to resist a small area

an attempt at Itajime Shibori
(fabric clamped using wood so as to create a resist


Kumo Shibori on silk

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