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I am Aneisha Srivastava /un-ee-shaa/, a 21 year old design student at National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

Having studied design for over three years now, I have developed a keen interest in visuals and I love playing around visuals along with colours, layouts and typefaces. I'd love to delve deeper and using the said mediums, create designs that are impactful.

Other than that, I love documenting spaces and sky through pictures (I'm currently exploring film/analog photography as a medium and it's been quite an experience).

To-do lists, magazines, editorials and zines fascinate me and I'd like to create and publish a zine, someday soon! 

Always up for a little chat, working with like minded people and exploring visuals and various other mediums to create something worthwhile! 

Have a look at my resume here



If you'd like to collaborate or connect,

Reach out to me at:

+91 9315699450

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